Meditation Magic

Have you heard of meditation before? Meditation is an exercise of calming the mind and reaching a better level of understanding with yourself emotionally and physically. Although some people use it as a religious practice, it can also be used as a mental health exercise. Meditation helps your health as it reduces stress, helps with […]

Shut Down the Screen

I love my phone, but sometimes using my phone becomes a bad habit when it hinders my daily performance. Did you know the AHA (American Health Association) says that kids should spend a maximum of 2 hours on their screen a day? How can our phones, a source of entertainment and knowledge, be a bad […]

Super Sunscreen

Do you slather on slimy sunscreen before you hop in the pool? I hope you do! Sunscreen is so important to use throughout your entire life. Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays that destroy your skin cells’ DNA and cause skin cancer! Sunscreen has long-lasting positive effects such as helping your skin […]

Why Do I Need Sleep?

Sleep is essential for effective cognitive functioning, and your mood. However, apart from the emotional benefits, sleep has many health benefits. Sleep improves your immune system and helps you get sick less often. Sleep is crucial for your heart health and lowers your risk for developing diabetes and heart diseases. The amount of sleep you […]