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Cool as a Cucumber

Cucumbers have many more uses than just for facials. Cucumbers not only make you feel hydrated (cucumbers are about 90% water!), but they have many

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Summer Salad

Salad is a really wonderful way to include all the best fruits and veggies into one meal! This summer salad is one of my favorite

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Fantastic Fruit Salad

Why did pirates eat oranges and lemons? Well, it’s a long story. While pirates were at sea, they commonly developed something called scurvy. What’s scurvy?

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Meditation Magic

Have you heard of meditation before? Meditation is an exercise of calming the mind and reaching a better level of understanding with yourself emotionally and

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Super Sunscreen

Do you slather on slimy sunscreen before you hop in the pool? I hope you do! Sunscreen is so important to use throughout your entire

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